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    Default March 1, 2011 Vol 2 No. 3

    The Way I See Things!

    A quick look around

    March 1st, 2011 Vol. 2 No. 3

    A summary of what’s new, posts & threads, and items of interest from around Outdoor-Fishing. A good place to start learning & enjoying yourself! JoeW

    My Observations & Notes: As of this date, we’re over 1300 members & over 5,000 posts! Let’s be active out there and post your ideas, thoughts, comments, and pics- makes it more interesting here for everyone!
    Just a reminder-- some terrific threads and posts can eventually get “buried” in the forums. With the library now of past newsletters, you can view each month’s most popular topics and click directly to find them! Browse the newsletters at

    Some great threads started and some very interesting posts this past month! Everyone will be looking at open water and nice days to get out fishing! Let’s hear the stories and see some pics!

    Here’s The Way I See Things:

    Popular threads: “Your Dream My Nightmare” toadfrog. Boy I hope we saved toad from going stir crazy!

    And the winner of the above giveaway is.... Wilderness Women--gets a custom made lure from toadfrog. Congrats! Here’s a pic of the lures that are going to catch fish!

    Traveling Lures Updated Report: They’re getting wet!

    Should read!: “Boat safety list” dugger. Boating safety reminders!

    Threads Worth Viewing: “Daves Stories (My beginings)” dbarnett1. This is real literature! Terrific writing, and some food for thought!

    and another one! “Kite Flying Part One (Daves Stories)” dbarnett1.

    Check out all of Dave’s yarns at They are worth the read!

    Still A Great Thread!: "Trash fish"? JoeW. A lot of interesting chat here about so called garbage fish!

    Fishing News! big roe. Congratulations to Kevin Van Dam on winning his 4th Bassmaster Classic Tournament! Link to the story- what a load of Bass!

    Great posts: from cwd. His comment on dbarnett1’s lack of fish on a family fishing trip says it all!

    Great Fishing Tips:
    bass or bass?. Strangest bait ever! Looks like it works for anything! .

    “Add bulk to plastic worms” bass or bass?. Another great one from the tip-master!

    “Trailer hooks made easy” bass or bass? This will save you a lot of aggravation!

    Worth the Read: “Mitchell 300 reels...” bass or bass?. Righty or lefty-- very interesting & informative posts about the design and use of reels.

    Well Described! toadfrog. Many headed goose monster!

    Pics worth seeing: ravenmadd. I hope that’s not bait!

    A Story to tell:”war wagon” bass or bass? picture:

    and the story:

    More to Fishing Than Just Fish! “ My Cuba trip” greatdane. Sometimes it’s not the fish, it’s the people! Terrific experience!

    Good idea!: “Bail springs” injunjoe. If you own a Mitchell reel, especially an older model, here’s a source for replacement parts I never thought of!

    Just plain interesting: toadfrog. This’ll keep your arms in shape for fishing! I gotta try that!

    Hilarious: “French poodle trout fly”: toadfrog. Now that’ll catch fish- big fish! Or maybe a rotweiler?

    DIY- A Lot of Work!
    dbarnett1. From trash to treasure! Follow the steps!

    “My two new lures” dbarnett1. He’s still at it, and getting better and better!

    Hey suggestions for improving this newsletter always appreciated! If you have other favorities, if i missed something, want to make comments or additions, or add something, let me know!
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    Thanks your for this up date.
    I it is nice to see all the activity shared on the form.
    From the truly great stories, to seeing boats being built.
    this form has it all.
    I do not know where I spen most of my time while on the computer
    Here or facebook LOL

    If you did not know DA GILLS are my passion !!

    There is no loosing in fishing.
    Either you catch fish, or you learn.
    Either way it is better than working!!

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    Another great newsletter. I always look forward to the next one.
    "Channels are cool, but Flatheads rule!"
    ~Outdoor-Fishing Pro Staff~A.C.C.A.~BoatU.S.~N.R.A.~

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