Making your own Jigs can be lots of fun and also turn into a potential money saver. Most of us don’t realize just how much money we throw away on jigs and sinkers. Here is my tutorial on making your own Lead Headed Jigs.

Caution: When making things with lead have a well ventilated area!!

First, you need to buy a mold for the Jigs or sinkers you want and a Melting + ladle. All my molds are from DO-IT and they come in various sizes. The kit costs about $45 and includes the following items- Mold, Pouring ladle, Melting pot, DVD, Octopus 90 degree Hooks, and paint. However, I do not recommend buying the kit. It will be much cheaper to by the ladle and molds separately from eBay. The mold I use in this tutorial is a 5/8 oz for round head jigs.

After you’ve purchased the mold and ladle, you now need to buy your Octupus 90-degree hooks. These hooks can be found on eBay for a couple of dollars, and can be purchased in any quantity you desire. Make sure to get the correct size to fit your mold.

Pouring led, requires lead. An easy way to identify lead is by squeezing it. If its 1/16-1/8” thick and you can bend it with your hands then chances are its lead (a very soft metal). Lead can be found fairly cheap at junk yards and other stores. You can also obtain lead from older houses that have their roof remodeled (older houses have lead outlets on their roof). Craigslist might also be a good place to start. Note: Hard lead will not work.

Now you need a good heat source. I prefer to use a propane stove because it’s portable and easy to use. You can also use other sources of heat that you feel are suitable.

1. Now that you have all your materials, you can start by putting your melting pot on your heat source and putting some lead in. The lead should take 10-15 minutes to melt. Melting times can vary on how much lead you put in. Less lead will melt much faster.

2. While your lead is melting, you can go ahead and place your hooks inside your mold. Close it tightly.

3. When the lead has turned into liquid, prepare your ladle. Using gloves take the ladle and scoop up a nice amount of molten lead. The brown substance on the surface of your lead will not affect your molds.

4. Pour the lead into the mold until it bleeds a blot of lead over each hole. Make sure to fill each hole all the way.

5. Wait a couple of minutes and then open the mold. The jigs should all come out shiny and clean. Cut the extra lead off.

6. Congrats! You made your very first jigs!

(If you messed up on a jig simply cut off the lead with some cuting pliers. Do not melt the lead off the hook because you will mess the hook up)

Now you need to paint your newly made jigs. Buying all the special paints is expensive and time wasting. I find the common paints chip very easily when they hit rocks or other jagged things found in the water. The best, cheapest, and fastest solution for painting jigs by far is to use permanent markers. Permanent marker does not flake off and as a result gives off a metallic color. It’s much faster and takes only about 30 seconds to color one jig.

There are many other molds that you can use. I have other jig head molds and sinker molds.

Go out there and try your jigs!