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    Thumbs up Cast over a limb?

    Ever cast your lure over a tree limb? Sure you have. Now, how many did you lose to that limb? Whenever you cast a bait over a limb, there's a trick to getting it free. When the lure swings back and forth, don't wait until it moves away from you, because it puts the bait in line with the branch and it usually gets caught when you pull the rod to free it. The secret lies in waiting until the lure swings toward you, then pull the rod so the lure is thrown back and up over the limb.
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    nice and if it will by letting slack come down where you can get it if it looks like it will hang up trying to jump it, but yea you hit it right bass or bass great info cause if your not in the sticks where they hang out ya know, you invade their space but save them lures.
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    I like it better if that my lure will actually slide down from the limb then I use another rod to catch the lure. Bring it back, snip the line and retreive the rest of my line on the original rod. It takes more time, but it's usually not just a single limb the lure has been swung over. There's a whole bunch of them. I just prefer a sure thing method, because I've left too many Christmas ornaments of fishing lures on trees.


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