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    Default Predator Ate My Bait w/ Water Wolf Cam!

    Underwater Videos Made By Water Wolf Camera!

    This day i was pier fishing casting my Okuma Surf Rigs. I used cut Arrowhead Squid to Live Goatfish. I'm further understanding what's going on at the other end of my fishing rod. As a former commercial diver we weren't in a position to watch fish react normally in their environment. Every bell ring to short strikes i'm still learning who the underwater culprits are.

    Sometimes when my live bait dies the scales are picked-off. I now know why. When the leaders have creased areas it's because of crabs so i must re-tie it. Short strikes are sometimes predators who either tore the bait(s) off to dropping them. Got to learn when to check the baits to just leaving it alone. Watching the past week's underwater footages was enlightening. Sit back & enjoy
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