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    Default Free Lining Surgeonfish For Sashimi!

    Targeting Yellowfin Surgeonfish "Pualu"! Second Week Of Pier Fishing!

    Today i'm once again privileged to fish alongside Jared. I was field testing new Okuma Prototype gear & the bigger fish weren't around, ended up feeding the smaller ones instead. This will be a fun fishing trip catching Surgeonfish for sashimi. I forgot a lot of gear from my sand spike to circle hooks. Grabbed the wrong bag but i was able to make do with what i had.

    For those (like my sister) who wants to see fishing action rather then reviews this video is for you. Remember Surgeonfish are pound for pound one of the strongest reef fish out there. And to hook one you need to use ultra light line as thicker diameter line is visible to them. It's fun but challenging trying to tire out the fish. We threw back a Parrotfish and Surgeonfish under 1-1/2lb. Missed a Rudderfish as it dove into structure and the line cut. You also need to avoid those surgeon-like barbs at the base of the tail.

    Anyone can do this style of fishing with gear costing no more then a $100. Today Jared kept 8 large Surgeonfish and threw back as many. I ended up feeding the reef fish frozen salted squid while being the "net" man.
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