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    Default How To Hook, Clean & Cook Pualu "Yellowtail Surgeonfish"!

    A "How To" Guide To Fish For Surgeonfish!

    In this HOW TO video i'll show how to successfully hook large local Pualu "Yellowtail Surgeonfish". Pound for pound this is one of the best fighting reef species. I met local anglers Jared & Jamison who were gathering enough Pualu for that evenings sashimi dinner. These 2 young anglers reminded me of how i once was. So i helped a little by being the net man while i was chunking squid for bigger boys.

    Their system was slightly different to what i employ but out of respect i won't mention how they're rigs were. I will show mine which is close to almost everyone else's who fishes for Surgeonfish. I asked permission to take pics & video them & they happily agreed. So i'm dedicating this episode to the fantastic Pualu Anglers Jared & Jamison!

    Time index for the following-
    My How To Rigging Guide= 0:38-4:44
    Actual Hook-Ups= 4:45-14:24
    Cleaning The Pualu In The Field= 14:37-18:32
    Eating (Grilled/Fried/Sashimi) W/Chief Charley Keller= 18:43-20:36

    I regret not taking the time of videoing guest local chef Charley Keller in the kitchen as well as on the outside grill. But we did enjoy the fruits of his labor! My diving buddy MS Ivan Ramirez joined us sampling some local dishes from pork gisantes to chicken adobo & pork lechon that Charley brought with him.

    To correct my lack of the chef's preparation everything in the video originated from the largest Pualu. The bones with meat was grilled on the open outside grill instead of fried. So was the head filled with meat. The 2 fatty belly fillets were fried inside due to their fat content. Finally the raw sashimi was taken from the upper fillets (our favorite)! The taste of everything was just so good! My thanks goes out to chef Charley for coming over to share his expertise
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