Always Inspect & Maintain Your Gear After Every Outing!

On Oct 17,2018 i took a decent strike while dunking a piece of Ika (squid). Needless to say it got off. Today i'm maintaining all my gear (lubing, greasing, etc) & decided to inspect the line from that day's strike. From the way the fish ran i was expecting line damage.

Sure enough, had line crimps to chaffing on my braid mainline. Lucky it didn't cut! Braid can fray easy from line cuts and it doesn't stretch like monofilament. But you can put more braided line on a reel compared to monofilament of the same breaking strength because of it's thinner diameter. Also braid casts farther then mono because of this. This is why some anglers go with braid backing to a mono top shot on their reels.

I also check the guides to make sure they're not bent & that the inserts haven't popped out. I take off the handles to re-lube. So far since all of my gear is brand new i haven't had to clean & re-lube & grease inside the casing. I redo leaders & replenish my leads & hooks. I try to do this every month or at least every 6 trips. I fish mostly salt water so i need to take extra care of my equipment.