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    Default Hawaii Fish & Dive Expo 2018!

    A Walking Tour Of The 2018 Expo At The Blaisdell Center Oct 27-28!

    This is the 2nd Hawaii Fish & Dive Expo held at the Blaisdell Center this past Oct 27-8 in Honolulu, Hawaii. The 1st Expo was held 2yrs ago at the same location. This year i was helping out at the Okuma booth. There was no sales, rather showcasing Okuma products with other companies under the Okuma umbrella Mustad & Lure Locks.

    Got to watch the power of social media in front of me. Local grub manufacturer Jeri Campania has been advertising his new soft O'ama Soft Baits (young Goatfish). No early sales were allowed, you had to pick-up the Soft Baits at the show. When the doors open a massive line formed & for over 4hrs everyone was allowed to purchase only 1 Soft Bait each. Genius! They also had beautiful hand painted jigs and local made flies by Automatic Flies.

    Okuma was showing the new rods being tested for 2019. Unfortunately the new spinning reel slated for release next year arrived at my home during the last day of the show. The show was quite painful for me, from setting-up to shaking hands, back to breaking down. My injured wrist got worse recently but i told nobody and just carried on.
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