Weare already getting east breezes off the ocean early in Autumn 2018,this starts the process of clearing the water in the Indian River andMosquito Lagoon Backcountry after a long Florida summer with theusual cloudy warm water. Easterly winds push in more clear oceanwater at nearby Ponce Inlet on each incoming tide which filtersthrough the intracoastal waterway resulting in clearing water throughthe fall. The fall mullet and baitfish run is going strong this yearwith a flood of finger mullet schools moving south through the areawith game fish in tow feeding on the bait fish, schools of good sizeJack Crevalle, Bluefish, Ladyfish and Spanish Mackerel to name some,also Tarpon of varying sizes from 10 to 20 lb. teenagers up to 50plus lb. adults are also in with the baitfish schools. The Jacks andBlues frequently are surface attacking mullet in the morning as theypush mullet up to the surface and strike in white water splashesmaking for great sight catching, a bait or lure cast in the action isusually a sure thing, multiple hook ups are common with theseschooling Jack attacks, Wayne from Ohio caught some this way, lots offun on light tackle…………………..


BlackDrum have been a regular catch here all year in the backcountry,catching them on shrimp, sizes from pretty little ones of 1 lb. up tonice drag pulling 5 lb. fish which are a good battle on my lighttackle outfits, Timothy from Georgia with a nice one………………..


Seatroutare also a year round, almost every trip target species, they schoolup more in the cool months and are more scattered in the warm months,we catch smaller school size specks on shrimp and small lures, largerones usually on live bait fish and larger lures, Stephanie fromOrlando with a nice Mosquito Lagoon Trout………….


Mybackcountry variety mixed bag catching trips always have lots ofdifferent species, it makes it interesting never knowing what willbite next, on a recent fun trip with a family from Atlanta, Katiecaught and released a nice Redfish…………..


………..andher brother Cray with a fun Jack Crevalle which was surface attackingwith it’s school first thing in the morning on our trip…………………


Hada group of guys from South Dakota recently, they had a blast catchingall the different fish, Riley got the highlight of the trip with hisShovelnose Hammerhead Shark……………….


Thishas been the summer of Pompano here in the back waters as we havebeen catching them all year, not the norm for here, they usually movenorth for cooler water in summer most years, has has been a niceaddition to this summers species list, Isabel from Orlando with anice one………………..


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