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    Default How I Land Fish From Piers!

    Using This System I Can Safely Release Unwanted Species!

    I was able to get in & out before the rain arrived! Some of the places i fish are high above the water level. For smaller sized fish i just tighten my drag to haul it up. For larger sizes most will try to gaff the fish using an extended pole to using a detachable gaff head on a rope. But what if it's either a protected, undersized or unwanted species? Gaffing the fish to get your rig back will damage of kill your catch if you're planning on releasing it.

    So i've been using this make shift rig to land my catches. Using a net with an extended handle helps. Some areas require what i use. I'm still using a nylon net because locally i can't locate a rubber net. Nylon rubs off the fish's protective slime that'll add to their release stress in terms that it'll be harder for them to recover from injuries. Also if you use a 2-hook rig it's HARD to get a hook untangled from nylon. Most cases the fish won't last long enough for you to do so. So the more expensive rubber is recommended. Also less chances for the rubber net to get frayed or tangled on coral.

    If you're fishing for GT's (Giant Trevally) for home consumption i use a detachable gaff head that the biner can attach to. I did this 3 months ago fishing with a buddy to haul in a GT. But i was in his area & the video showed to much background so out of respect i didn't show that video (nobody likes going to their favorite spot to find others there). Lol!
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