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    Default Watching 6 GT's From A Pier!

    3 Pairs Of GT's Were Stalking Bait Fish!

    Feeding Baitfish Bread To Keep The GT's Around!

    I had to pick-up some items nearby so i thought i'd visit the pier to see what's around. Most days Rudder Fish, Surgeon Fish & young Jack Trevallys are stalking the baitfish with the diving birds. Today 3 pairs of Giant Trevally "GT's" known as Ulua were stalking baitfish. Knowledgeable local anglers were raining bread to keep the baitfish around & to hopefully catch a Rudder Fish to be used as live bait.

    It was nice to see these powerful fish around to up the local sales of fresh bread! I was tempted to break put my Hatch Roller Speargun but that wouldn't be very sporting. After all i fish for the fun & challenge, not to put fish on the table. The medium sized fish were Rudder Fish & Surgeon Fish.
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