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    Default Spin & Bait Casting My NEW Okuma Rigs!

    Blessing My NEW Spin & Bait Casting Okuma Rigs!

    Today was the first day i field tested my new gear. The choice in lines & strengths to the pairings looked & feels good. And my new new rigs were blessed by hook-ups though small. So the monkey fell off the back early!

    On the spin casting rig i started with grubs which attracted 1 barracuda (C&R'd) & 1 hit that cut the line. So i switch to casting baits which caught a small Bluefin Trevally Jack. First one there in a month. These past months baby Hammerheads were all over & i felt they chased out the Bonefish & Jacks. Most days i only caught Hammerheads. It was nice not catching HH, they must be getting bigger & moving to deeper water by now.

    The surf casting rig i opted to use Big Vic's Bait Netting to fashion bait bags. I had 1 good run that resulted in a torn bag with no bait. Then the small hit resulted in a Green Head Moray which i cut free. I was glad to see both rigs catching fish.
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