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    Default My Baitcasting Rig-The "NEW" 11' Cedros Surf Rod!

    My Okuma Baitcast Rig-Cedros Surf Rod & Azores 65 Spinner!

    My new baitcasting rig will consist of the 11'Cedros Surf CS-S-1102HA & Azores Z-65S spinning rod. The rod is light & strong with solid high Heavy ratings. The reel has awesome max drag at 44lbs! I spooled 350yd of 50lb braid so that's 3-1/2 football fields of room to play with. I'd give this rig a Medium/Heavy rating.

    I plan on using sand spikes on sandy reefy areas. On rock formations i'd switch over to rock spikes. My targeted species will be Bonefish & Jack Trevally, both powerful shoreline fighters. This rig was put together for shoreline baitcasting for mostly sandy beaches with fringing outer reefs. Will work for rocky shorelines such as harbors or jetties as well. Also piers if you know how to set your rod holders properly. I strongly suggest using safety cords as our rigs are costly & important to us anglers.

    Now that my rig is finished i need to shake off this flu bug & start hitting the shorelines. Stay safe everyone
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