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    Default Contour Action Camera - Easy Switch Replacement!

    How To Repair A Contour Action Camera Switch!

    I rotate several Contour Action Video Cameras when i'm out in the field fishing day or night if it's for above or below water usage. My Roam#3 from 2015 has a near frozen switch & is getting impossible to use. So after i contacted Contour Cameras Mr Daniel T authorized a replace unit for me to use & a new R3 switch to try to repair my original unit.

    The new unit works extremely well & today i replaced the old switch so i thought filming the repair might help others. I use my Contours for everything from bowling to fishing day & night. Also underwater for Catch & Release segments. Currently the Roam#3 is their latest unit. Latter this year the new Contour#4 will be available.

    All my posted videos & many of the images that i use are from the Contours. I like the light weight & ease of operation when using these units. It's all personal preference.
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    Thanks for sharing Chris!

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