Weare having a fun and busy summer of 2018 so far, wide variety of fishcatching here in the Indian River and north Mosquito Lagoonbackcountry. Landing Seatrout, Redfish, Snook, Black Drum, MangroveSnapper, Whiting, Jack Crevalle, Ladyfish, and always some surprisecatches on many trips, like Sharks, Pompano, Tarpon, and more.Usually catching 10 to 15 or more different species on mostbackcountry mixed bag trips. The back water area is full of life inthe summer months, with surface striking fish in the morning hittingbaitfish and shrimp, white water attacks making for fun sight fishingand catching. Loads of baitfish schools everywhere including mullet,pilchards, and menhaden are a summer fixture of food for game fish,dolphins, and birds. Water temperatures have reached the normal lower80’ F levels, so careful handling of CPR ( catch photo release )fish is needed as higher water temps means lower oxygen levels. Lotsof teenage size “rolling” Tarpon are a frequent sight in our backwaters, they are notorious for being super picky on biting a bait,but this 20 lb.( 39” ) Silver King had to have Alex from SouthCarolina’s live shrimp and stayed attached through the fight for avery quick photo before release………………


BlackDrum continue to be a usual catch as they have all year, being ashellfish eater, they are quick to take our shrimp baits, most summerdrum here in the north Indian River backcountry are school size of 1to 5 lbs and roam along the bottom of holes and channels., repeatclients Andy and David from hooked up together from a school andlanded these 2 Drum……


Longtime repeat client Don from Texas, was out again on his usual summertrip while here on their family vacation, catching all the differentspecies, including a nice Drum for young Cooper……………..


YoungBrooks was out with repeat clients dad and grandpa from Georgia foranother flats fishing Redfish trip, they made sure the youngsterreeled in each of the 4 Reds they hooked up on mullet baits…………………..


Seatroutare an every trip catch here in the backcountry, Jamie shows off anice Speck she caught and released……………..


Nathanhad “big fish” on a recent trip with his dad Ed, repeat Orlandoclients, on a windy afternoon trip we squeezed in after a stormymorning forced us to wait until later that day for our trip………………..


Roberthad a great time on the trip he was on with a group of friends fromVirginia despite his lack of smile holding up his big Black Drum fora “CPR” photo……………….


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