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    Default Hit & Miss Tricky Bonefish!

    Recognizing Escape Tactics From Smart Fish!
    This video will highlight a recent hit & miss. I recognize the culprit as a Bonefish because of the way it ran at me when hooked and that it was in an area that was a well known spot for Boners. I had a visitor standing next to me that alerted me of the initial hit before the line went slack. The fish is building speed to either break the line or to throw the hook. When you get a hit & the line goes slack it's best to keep reeling it in until you're positive if there's a fish on the line or that the line is cut.

    I decided to make a short video showing this trick that the Bonefish employs. You need to reel that excess line in as fast as you can before it tangles on the reef and you'd be forced to cut it. This isn't good for the environment and your pocketbook. Because i tried to take in the slack fast i didn't have the time to disengage the ratchet, this will in time cause damage to the gears and shouldn't be repeated the way i did. Take the "clicker" off first.

    Bonefish are one of the best gamefish for it's size. Those sizzling runs (clocked at 45ft in a second) will always get your heart pumping!
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