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    Default 96 vs $10 For A Newell Reel Bracket Screw?

    96 vs $10 For A Newell Reel Bracket Screw?

    Original OEM steel bracket screws for a Newell Reel bracket average around $10 a pair. This is also a stainless steel screw for under a dollar. The size & threading is correct. Instead of a straight slot head for a screwdriver it's a socket cap.

    The original OEM part is made of stainless steel with a slotted fillister head. Ok,, you can buy these on eBay & Amazon for a fraction of the cost that all eBay dealers sell it for by just adding in the words "Newell". So i practice what i preach by using these socket cap screws on my Newells.

    Read my Amazon affiliated links at the bottom. They're also on eBay. So the next time you need new bracket mounting screws, don't get "screwed" & purchase yours at a fraction of what some dealers are trying to sell them for.
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