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    Default Mullet Fishing Leader System!

    My Simple Mullet Fishing Rig!

    Does this rigging system work for catching mullet? Yes it does. Did it work today? Nope, the mullets got me today. Lol!

    I may not have caught anything today but this type of leadering system does work. Been using this method of catching mullets from the shoreline for years. I learned doing this off Wailupe Point off Honolulu, Hawaii. Mullets don't "hit" lures or baits like most other fish do, rather they're like vacuum cleaners. I watch them suck in clumps of seaweed, then spit it out again after digesting whatever algae or organisms they just separated from the seaweed.

    Mullets will eat the white part of bread. I'll show you what works for me. I'll demonstrate how i put my rigs together & the materials needed. Using nets or spearing them is faster, but certain areas do have laws regulating this species. Here in Hawaii mullet season is closed between December-March during mating season & the legal minimum size is 11in. You'll need to check your areas restrictions, if any first.

    Sorry to say i had a bad day. Clearly there were fish around but nothing was hitting the bread. I then tried grubs & live crab for anything but still nothing. I did get my 4in CHL grub destroyed by a fish (my high-point of the day). When they do bite, it's a early day for me as i'm going home to clean mullet to be steamed.

    I'll try again maybe next week, for whatever reason fish do have a "biorhythm" they follow. Some weeks are awesome while others are lean. Mullet fishing does require great patience (mine disappeared today, ). For today i used a Okuma 10'9" T40X Drift Rod with a Shimano Stradic 3000.
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