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    I have moved to Caldwell Idaho.

    My wife and I are taking care of her 94 year old mother.
    She was living alone and it was time to find a home for all of us.

    I am still a photographer and hope to do better down here in a bigger city. So far I have five jobs lined up. Portrait, Real Estate, Wedding, Family and Engagement.

    I hope to get on here more often now.


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    I feel for you brother.My 90 year old mother has been living with us since February. I'm taking her back to her home in Pennsylvania in two weeks from today. It's going to be a LONG two weeks!
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    Thank you
    Nothing has been the same for my wife and I since . She is doing OK but wont lift a finger around the house. My poor wife doesn't have any time for herself now. I could understand it if she was doing poorly but she is active enough nobody can believe she is 94 and in 6 months she will turn 95. Other family members come over to visit and she flat out tells them she has retired and doesn't do a thing. They just shake their heads. I bet they are happy they don't have to care for her.


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