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    Default R. Sterling Hair Boutique

    Help me Welcome R. Sterling Hair Boutique to the Community. R. Sterling Boutique says their mission is:

    "As a guest at R. Sterling Hair Boutique we believe our unique style, close-knit team and laid-back atmosphere will provide you with a fun, warm and welcoming experience. Our mission is to make you feel fabulous every day. Not only when you walk out our door, but in between visits, by providing you with the industries best products, tips and tricks. We are dedicated to continuing education so that we stay ahead of industry trends and can provide with you with top notch service, products and experience every time you visit R. Sterling Hair Boutique. Our decision to team up with Paul Mitchell and become a Focus Salon reinforces our belief that continued education for us means a better product for you, our client. We will receive training from some of the best educators around the country who specialize in color, cut and men's & women's styling techniques while also receiving access to some of the very best products the industry has to offer. Our dedication to education and innovation is for the sole purpose of making YOU feel fabulous every single day. "

    More info about R. Sterling Hair Boutique can be found by clicking on their banners here or by clicking this link here.....

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    Welcome R. Sterling. Gee, I was kind of hoping I could get my hair cut WHILE I wasfishing!
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    Welcome R Sterling.
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