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    Default Greetings from Iowa

    Just joined cause I had a question about a combo I received for Fathers Day but will definitely be chiming in here from time to time while in Iowa. Here's the biggest I've caught this year so far.

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    Welcome Zamboknee ! Glad to have you aboard and look forward to your posts and pics.
    I NEVER lied about the size of the Fish I caught....I just remember them being BIGGER!

    "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and....HE WILL STEAL YOUR FAVORITE SPOT."

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    Glad to have you, nice catch and picture.

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    welcome aboard hope you enjoy your stay
    Fishing: the art of loitering in or near a body of water.

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    By the looks you will fit right in ! WELCOME "
    Most of my lures catch more fishermen than fish !!!

    Fishing is God's way of saying he loves us!

    Wishing I was Fishing

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    Welcome zamboknee! Love them kitties

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    Welcome, Nice Bullhead. What part of Iowa...Little Wall Lake by any chance. I was raised in Ames iowa. Still have relatives in Ankeny Iowa and Caimbridge Iowa

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    Talking Catfish

    Welcome to Outdoor-Fishing. If you look at the top of the home page you nwill see "My Menu". In the menu is a title "Groups". Click on groups and you will find a catfish group. It's been rather inactive for a while. Feel free to liven things up there!
    We also have a "catfish" forum in the forums.
    Happy Fishing!
    "Channels are cool, but Flatheads rule!"
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