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    Question How many Rods & Reels do you take?

    When heading out for a day of Fishing, be it on a boat or from shore, How Many Rods & Reels do you take with you?

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    I take at least 3 with me 1 for musky, 1 for just throwing it in and letting it sit, 1 for throwing some lures around.
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    I've got 12 on the boat. I usually have at least 5 of them rigged on the deck
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    I fish primarily from my boat for catfish, both flatheads and channels
    I take 4 rigs for flathead cats, 2 rigs for channel cats, 3 rigs for bait fish, and occasionally 2 or 3 rigs for bass. I think I'll cut down on the flathead rigs to 2 in the future though so that will make a total of 7 on most trips.
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    Usually, when I'm fishing alone, 2 or 3. One light spinning set up for tossing lures, one conventional set up for bait or bottom fishing. If I'm not feeling lazy, I'll take a heavier spinning set up, just for good measure.

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    I will take five with me two baitcasters and three spinning set up for top water, finesse, spinners, and body body baits etc. If the lake has Walleye I take six with the extra set up for trolling.

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    I have 36 rods and reels, my wife has 5 rod and reels. She thinks I have to many, I don't think so. I mainly fish for crappie and take my 5 favorite.

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    For me depends on target species but in general I bring 3-4 if solo by foot or boat. If my wife and 2 kids go its usually 12-16. I like having diff class rods with diff rigs, makes it easier than using a heavy rig on a light rod or vice versa. Or having to retie everything. Sometimes the fish don't follow protocol an we gotta switch it up haha

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