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    Thumbs up Attraxx Baits w/Sci-X

    Help me WELCOME Attraxx Baits w/Sci-X to the Outdoor-Fishing family.
    About Attraxx & Sci-X
    More than a quarter-century in the making, Attraxx? with Sci-X? has arrived.
    Attraxx is a specially designed composite material that is not afflicted by the same weaknesses as some of the other soft-baits. It does not dry-out, and because it?s treated both inside and out, Attraxx does not need to be re-treated in order to be effective. Instead of getting weaker when it leaves the bag, it starts working when it hits the water. Most importantly, the Attraxx composite has one very special function beyond that of a standard soft-bait. It?s engineered to perform as a high-tech continual release delivery system for the Sci-X feeding stimulant, the most powerful feeding stimulant ever introduced to the world of fishing. The result of decades of research and testing at Louisiana State University (LSU) by Dr. John Caprio, one of the world?s leading experts in fish behavior relating to chemosensory neurobiology, Sci-X is a patented blend of proprietary neuro-active feeding stimulants combined in multiple formulas to target freshwater and saltwater game fish. Integral to the development of Sci-X is the science of chemosensory stimulation, which is also one of the cornerstones to understanding how fish detect food. The research indicates that fish process water soluble chemicals through their sense of taste and smell and are highly sensitive, to very specific combinations of these compounds. Not only does the research provide insight as to which compounds the fish are attracted, but also to which compounds they are averse, many of which are found in baits currently on the market. Sci-X contains only those compounds that are scientifically proven to produce the most aggressive feeding response in fish. When a fish bites Attraxx, the Sci-X composition elicits an involuntary feeding behavior, whereby the fish will reflexively bite the source of the stimulation and engage the predatory instinct?. What does this science-talk mean to you? Simple. More fish in the boat!

    More info about Attraxx Baits w/Sci-X can be found by clicking on their banners here or by clicking this link here....

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    Welcome to Outdoor-Fishing. We always leave a seat open on the boat for someone new. Happy Fishing!
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    Their logo looks like one of the new for 2015 soft plastic lures I saw. Maybe I will try some as soon as I get a few other lures worn out, be nice to help one of the smaller guys once in a while.

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    I looked up the plastic lure I had seen and it is the "Imakatsu Gill Bone". Weird looking.

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