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    Default 2014 PA Trout Season Pic's

    These are alittle late...Lol I've been off the forums for awhile. Pic's are from last opening day.

    Mackenzie and her Palomino....22" 4 1/2 lbs.

    Briana and Me with are 2nd day results.

    My North Branch of Slipperyrock Cr. Brown. 18"

    My Taylor run Rainbow. 16"

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    So since this was last years pic im guessing your getting ready for this years big opener. Ever fish sandy creek thats up by your area. I dont fish it for trout. all tho, some nice trout are in there.

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    Yeah we are starting to get ready for a new season. My girls can't wait for opening day. I might have too scratch that itch soon over at the project waters on neshanock creek in a week or so. I need to get the dust off the flyrod. I have fished Sandy in the past, I hit up Little Sandy a few times a season with good results.

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