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    Default Quick casting reels

    This post is about the German 700b and 800b's, I was wondering if anyone uses or has used them, and what your opinion is. I have some, but have never bothered using them, I've got enough Ambassadeurs that hardly get used lately. I'm really curious hat others think of them.

    thanks, Tim

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    I'm an Abu guy and can explain why. I have a handful of trusted baitcaster reels that have served me well over the years. Even though I've never used the D.A.M. Quick 700/800B Champion High Speed Reel I have no reason not to think they would be comparable to the Ambassadeur reels in quality, form, fit and function.
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    I think most everyone fished ABU's, the lack of advertising couldn't have helped. Quality wise, they compared very well, but the free-spool lever was in a bad place and they shouldn't have omitted the rear pillar, but compared to Ambassadeurs of the same vintage they have better drags. I just don't know how durable they are.


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