Yesterday afternoon I spoke briefly with Doug Youngblood. He?s one of our local guides and he shared that he got out the day before all of that heavy weather pushed through and he couldn't believe how everything turned on for him. He said it was crazy good! So the next time you?re sitting on the fence trying to talk yourself out of going use this as inspiration and go.

For me the schooling fish have turned on and my go-to technique is burning the spinnerbait. Oct 18 it turned up a 3.98 pound Spotted Bass that took Big Fish in our little club tournament on Hartwell. One more thing I do is make sure I have the vibration going. This means if you can handle it go without a trailer and trailer hook. Shorten the bait and even clip off the skirt flush with the back of the hook if it's hanging out there. I am looking to produce two things; a thump he can feel and a flash he can see. Believe me when you get it working right these guys will come from 20 feet off to strike the bait. To enhance the thump by putting a slight bend into the blade. I prefer to just use my fingers to ever so slightly bend the end of the blade that attaches by split ring to the bait and I think it?s more prevalent on the outside blade than the inside blade if you are running more than one. Run it in the water to see if it made more thump for you.

Let your attitude and will to win turn that 50/50 day into an opportunity. You?ll be glad you did! If you do get out on one of those less than perfect days and things don?t work out always use it as a learning experience. Focus on a new technique; learn a new area of the lake, that kind of thing. In the end it?ll make you a better angler.