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    Default My DIY Kayak GoPro Mount

    Last weekend after breaking down and getting a GoPro 3+ i needed a kayak mount for it and i didn't feel like spending upwards of 60$+ so i made my own for around 10$ that's better than anything iv'e seen for under 100$ so here it is.
    (Took the photos with the GoPro too)

    Over view:

    The top:
    So i couldn't find a flat pvc cap so i took my heat gun and go the PVC hot and pressed it on the table to make it flat so i could use the flat GoPro mount on it. and i wrapped it in vinyl tape and sealed the open spots with gorilla glue to make sure it was on good.

    Safety measures:
    So i go some elastic and two crimps, one smaller crimp for the screw threw the PVC and a bigger crimp to go through my kayak seat incase i flip my kayak and my Pole and GoPro go to the bottom of wherever i am.

    Then incase the adheasive ever falls off the PVC for whatever reason i attached a piece of stainless steel coated in rubber to the pvc pole and used a crimp to make a hole just big enough to go around the PVC screw to make sure it doesnt fall out.
    (Sorry for the blurry)

    Heres a sample of what it looks like in use(I have no idea why its such bad quality)
    http://youtu.be/2eaxil6B8bY"> http://youtu.be/2eaxil6B8bY" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="355">

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    Mount looks good Ray...video quality looks good too. What program are you using to edit the videos? I use Adobe premiere pro.

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