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    This is my first post and I hope someone can give me advice on what fishing gear is right for me. I used to fish a lot when I lived in Wyoming, but quit fishing because of change of career took all my time and not familiar with the fishing available in SE Washington. I recently retired and there's a strong salmon run in the Columbia River and daily someone is posting a picture of a big salmon (about 35" long) on the internet that they caught. I would like to go try catching one, but I don't have any fishing gear for catching salmon. I need help on what brand and price should I spend on a good new reel. Also, what type of rod should I get? For these rods, is getting one at Walmart good enough? If I plan to keep the gear for a long time, should I look for them at garage sales, Cabela's or other sporting shops? Where can I get them for the best price?

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    Big salmon are strong fighters and make long runs, so you want a reel with large line capacity. I'd recommend a Penn 209 reel ($54) and a good stout rod. A local tackle shop can steer you in the right direction. I'd also spool the reel with at least 20 pound test line. Ask advice of local anglers for fine tuning your gear. Happy Fishing!
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    Different approach: I would go with a combo that you can multi task with. Something that you can use to toss tins, lures and bait. I would recommend a spinning reel, something in the 5000 size range. I wouldn't go any bigger. A good example would be a Penn 550 SSV or a Quantum Boca 50, matched with an Ugly Stik, 7ft. Med/Hvy, line weight 15-30lb. Something in that range, will allow you to toss lures all day without getting tired or bottom fish, with no problems at all. As for line, I spool up with 30lb power pro braid. If nothing else, see what your local tackle guys suggest. Don't let them talk you into something your not going to be comfortable with...Good luck!

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    both are good advice. my buddy took his steelhead gear to go fishing for for them and came back with broken gear. most places say there rods are steelhead/salmon friendly. I wouldnt buy them for salmon unless they are medium and say salmon. a medium rod thats 8 to 10ft, 30 lb braid. the reel it depends on what body of water you will be fishing mostly creeks, streams class 3 to 4, open water class 5 or bigger. class 4 or 5 should be a good all around reel. just have your drag set right is all ya need sometimes. dont forget to get some nice thick hooks, 1/0 worm hooks, ive heard salmon destroying smaller hooks.
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