Don't forget about the Buzzbait in the Fall season for big bass. The guy I was with last Saturday had a really nice 3 pound Spotted Bass come out of what looked like less than a foot of water. It was alongside a small rocky secondary point adjacent to a sand swimming beach cove. These are ambush fish that'll set up seemingly knowing the bait fish are more shallow than they are. The buzzer goes off and he'll jump at the chance to get a bite of his favorite fishy delight!

You all know by now that my home water is a clear drinking water reservoir where on a still day you can typically see bottom in 8-10 feet of water. We tend to elongate our baits due to the presence of Blueback Herring in the lake. That combined with the 14" minimum size on bass means we're trying to present a bigger bait and cull out some of the interest a short fish might have. You have seen the new skirts that have perhaps half of the strands that extend past the regular length of the skirt. This is one way to accomplish this profile and trailers are another.

As Buzzbaits go I've seen everything throughout the years and one that's making a fad comeback is taking the skirt completely off and replacing it with a frog, craw or minnow imitating fluke. This is supposed to modify the profile of the bait and allow some unique presentation opportunities like skipping. I guess I'll have to try it again but since it wasn't a home run hitter for me back in the 90's I'll probably not spend a lot of time with it. Remember everything old is new again... I mention this because FLW/Rayovac pro Jacob Wheeler is touting this in a quick promo blast. He's designed a bait for a lure company and this is an interest gaining tease commercial promo. According to the article his "Game Changer Buzzbait" by Accent Bait Company and the "Three-Legged Frog" by Gene Larew are his go-to choices. If you haven't seen it the "Three-Legged Frog" by Gene Larew is almost PG rated - you guess where the third leg goes. 'nuff said

Coming full circle as my water column cools off the metabolism of the cold blooded prey I seek this will mean I have to adjust my tactic for catching these ambitious ambush fish. For this I select a Spinnerbait. This gives me more speed control because I can burn it back to the boat (aka, as Jimmy Houston would) or slow roll it a little deeper. Initially the same types of areas will produce and I'll slowly transition out to something with deep water near by. Deep is a relative term based upon where you are fishing. In my lake the go-to is a bright refrigerator white, white on white, did I mention White Spinnerbait. The blades are white, the head is white and the skirt is most certainly white. Remember this is a bait presented to an ambush predator. I want him to see it, react to it and not miss it as he comes up to grab it. Yes, a trailer hook is a must in this situation!

The only color adjustments I'll make, when the white fails me , are to occasionally try a Fire Tiger or craw colored Spinnerbait. My favorite Fire Tiger Spinnerbug has a single painted Indiana blade on it. This is because on my highly pressured lake these fish rarely see an Indiana blade. I had Ski make me up some in-line 1/2oz spinners and two of these were of the Fire Tiger variety. They are already working wonders and I'll have to get Ski to build me a few more. Now on the craw color what I mean in the Fall time frame are the brown or green craw colors. Spring I'll use the bright reds and oranges for craw but Fall means browns and greens - with an orange highlight. Yes, this is the same skirt as you'd use on an Arky style jig so try this as an option in a Spinnerbait. This is for those difficult days when they won't hit anything you think they should be hitting. I believe you'll be pleasantly surprised.