Hello all!
I am the "new kid on the block" for Midwest Hunting and Fishing Magazine. We are the travel guide for the sportsman and focus on where and what to hunt and fish. I want real guys and gals who hunt and fish to help me improve the magazine by submitting articles of great hunts and experience or just by telling me what you think of it and would you would like or enjoy more. I just want constructive criticism! There is no better way to find out what people want than to ask them.

Obviously in order to do this you will need to see the magazine. We have teamed up with Outdoor-Fishing and since you are a member of his forum i can offer you 3 issue free subscription to Midwest Hunting and Fishing Magazine. Click the link below and sign up, no credit card no catch. At the end of 3 issues you can either decide to buy a subscription or you will no longer get the magazine, simple as that. http://dakotahuntingguide.uberflip.com/i/312012

Thank you in advanced for any of you who help! I have attached my business card so you can get a hold of me if needed.