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    Post Brown administration's angling to ban lead fishing weights

    Here we go again and of course it has to be in California. Please understand that I'm not trying to stir the pot because I'm still sitting on the fence on this topic. From my perspective I am for alternatives to lead sinkers and jigs, however, I am not prepared to pony up the additional cost at this time. This, primarily, due to the abundance and low cost of the lead fishing weights. What I fear is that this could become the "until you pry it out of my cold dead hands" stand for traditional angling and that in itself would be counterproductive for all concerned. I'll let you read it yourself but be prepared to translate California Politics as you wade through this confusing piece of journalism.

    Brown administration's angling to ban lead fishing weights
    By George Skelton, Los Angeles Times
    September 21, 2014, 6:02 PM | Reporting from Sacramento

    BTW - I am one of the "countless anglers" that "melt down lead and make their own weights" and I understand the risks associated with doing so and accept the consequences of my actions!
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    What did people expect when they reelected "Moonbeams".

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