Source: The State of Vermont; Department of Fish and Wildlife
Last Updated at: September 02, 2014 14:19:05

The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department continued its Lake Champlain muskellunge restoration efforts by stocking more than 7,000 fingerling muskies into the Missisquoi River and Missisquoi Bay last week.

This year, for the second time, muskellunge, or ?muskie,? were stocked above Swanton Dam up to the Highgate Falls Dam. This section of the Missisquoi River is the last location in Vermont that supported a naturally-reproducing native muskie population, before they disappeared in the late 1970s following a chemical spill.

...The six-inch fish stocked in the river were donated by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, which also stocks the Great Chazy River on the New York side of the lake with the same strain of muskie.