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    Question Brain Teaser - Fishing Weight Based on Depth Fished

    The question is how much weight would you consider starting with when fishing a jig-n-pig, a creepy crawler or jig and worm combo in a still man-made reservoir, meaning no appreciable current other than wind blown, at say 30 to 40 feet deep?

    In researching this issue I ran across what I thought was a genius suggestion. The author says you should consider using 1/8 oz of weight for every 10 feet of water depth that you plan to fish. His thought is that you don't want the jig to just sink so quickly that it slams the bottom when it gets there. Conventional wisdom says that you want a somewhat slower sink rate so that in the end you can control the lure and represent it with a natural presentation once it gets to the target depth. Extrapolating this idea unfolds like this:

    1/32 oz 2-3 feet deep
    1/16 oz 5 feet deep
    1/8 oz 10 feet deep
    1/4 oz 20 feet deep
    3/8 oz 30 feet deep
    1/2 oz 40 feet deep
    5/8 oz 50 feet deep
    3/4 oz 60 feet deep

    Its just food for thought.
    What do you think?
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    That table looks appropriate to me. I'd use 1/2 ounce weight for the baits in question for the depth in question.
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