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Thread: Dakota Blade

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    Question Dakota Blade

    During my travels to the great north-land I of course have to stop in and see what they have to offer in the way of fishing lures. One that caught my eye and has been bugging me ever since is the Dakota blade. This, as best I can describe it, looks like an Indiana blade with a V cut out of it so that what remains appears much like a swept aircraft wing. The use is apparently for a Walleye spinner rig. So with all of this background my question to anyone that has used these blades would be what kind of action would I expect with this thing in the water?

    First impression says that I've lost some flash and vibration because the meat of the blade has been removed. I should have just bought a few and then I could play with them here. Any insight is much appreciated
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    Never heard of those before. Too bad you didn't pick up a few.
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    There are many diff cut blades. All give off diff vibrations to show the fish something diff. Ive used em on harnesses and caught fish just the same as willow, Colorado, Indiana, hatchet, etc. Some days it matters, especially in diff water color/quality, so its fun changing things up to see if they respond better

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