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    Smile My 2 cents on Fly Rods

    Quote Originally Posted by fishman85 View Post
    why are fly rods so expensive
    Part of it stems from the popularity of fly fishing and the other is that a good rod properly maintained could last you a lifetime. What I have are a couple of the old starter set rods; the kind you get if you are trying out the sport for the 1st time - came with rod, reel, line, etc. Because I don't predominantly fly fish I've been using these rods since the early 80's. Now if I lived somewhere where all I do is fly fish or made a conscious decision to exclusively fly fish then I'd have a greater selection of fly rods. I'd probably have a saltwater rod, a medium freshwater rod and a short rod I could use on little water & small streams. Out west, Missoula, MT for example, the streams are more of what I'd consider a river so a larger rod would suit me there. Clarks Fork and Blackfoot Rivers are what I'm thinking of here. I've fished the Blackfoot River with a fly rod both in a boat and wading waist deep during a stop over along a guided float trip. Highly recommended!

    As for the the popularity of fly fishing this has spawned a different culture that feels they are more in tune with nature, angling as the Compleat Angler (Izaak Walton) would, etc. In that culture things can get quite expensive in a hurry - as in think of an American that collected red Italian sports cars. This would be an individual well above my scale that lives a lifestyle I could never begin to be able to carry on. Notwithstanding I could still take up fly fishing and do it on a smaller (budget) scale and it wouldn't have to be so expensive. Anything in life is that way. Catch my drift? Fishing doesn't have to be particularly expensive unless you want it to.
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    I have what I consider to be quite adequate fly rod combos that are very reasonably priced. I have a 5 weight rod for sunfish and a 7 weight rod for bass. The 5 weight is 8'6". The 7 weight is 9'. They are Bass Pro Shops White River Dogwood Canyon models and cost @ $70. My reels are Orvis Clearwater models in 5 weight and 7 weight and cost @ $70 also. I use Bapp Pro Shops World Wide Angler salt water fly line which costs @ $50.
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    Because fly fishermen are as gullible as trout LOL,!!! Jig fishing rules!!! ,go walleyes and Smallies
    Most of my lures catch more fishermen than fish !!!

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