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    Default fishing line winder

    I am new member for this forum. I am interested for fishing line winder because new technology and easily use. My friend is buy fishing line winder. Please suggested.

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    To remove line from a real put a small stick in an electric drill tie on the line and let it rip then throw the stick away, to put line on put the line on the real and start realing till you get the amount of line you want on the real.
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    Smile I would not have thought of that

    Quote Originally Posted by repair View Post
    To remove line from a real put a small stick in an electric drill ...
    Hey repair - great tip!
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    I have had two different ones, one a Berkley which eventually wore out and another which was designed to remove and store LOTS of line until it was taken apart and the line disposed of. The drill and stick idea is the least expensive I have heard of.
    Not sure how the shop-vac would work other than to pick stuff off of the floor.

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