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    Post 2014 Atlantic Bluefish Specs - Open for Public Comment

    To save time I have done some research and hoping I have procured the appropriate figures and have done the math correctly I boiled it down to the following:

    As it is related to Sustainable Fisheries and according to the Federal Register the Atlantic Bluefish Fishery; 2014 Atlantic Bluefish Specifications; 2014 Catch Limits; the Atlantic Bluefish Fishery Management Plan (FMP) requires the Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council (Council) to recommend, on an annual basis, the annual catch limit (ACL), annual catch target (ACT), and total allowable landings (TAL) that will control fishing mortality (F). For 2014 they set ABC=ACL=ACT or in other words the acceptable biological catch (ABC) equals the annual catch limit (ACL) which equals the annual catch target (ACT).

    In 2014 the ACT is initially allocated between the recreational fishery (83 percent) and the commercial fishery (17 percent). The preferred recreational harvest limit (RHL) would be 16.927 million lb and the commercial quota would be 4.153 million lb. All told this plan actually increases the commercial fishery for Atlantic Bluefish from 2013 by roughly 3% (4.153 + 3.340 = 7.493 million lb in 2014 vs 7.268949 million lb in 2013). The recreational fishery harvest limit for Atlantic Bluefish was 14.069 million lb in 2013 and will be increased to 16.927 million lb in 2014 should the plan stand challenges. This represents a significant increase over the previous year for recreational anglers.

    According to a NOAA Fisheries FishNews email I subscribe to dated April 17, 2014 and the top of the article (web link provided above) this article has a comment period that ends on 04/28/2014. By April 28, you should submit your comments on proposed specifications for the 2014 Atlantic bluefish fishery, including an annual catch limit, total allowable landings, a commercial quota and recreational harvest limit, and a recreational possession limit.

    Note: Remember as you do provide your input that this a give and take and that a Sustainable Fishery is good news for the everyone including the recreational anglers but in reading this plan closely they also projected some commercial boats catch would reduce by more than 5% and others by less than 5%. This is why it is expected that a transfer of up to 3.340 million lb from the recreational sector to the commercial sector could be approved. This action would leave 13.587 million lb for 2014 recreational anglers which is a slight decrease over the previous year. As they put it, "It is not anticipated that the recommend RHL will result in decreased demand for party/charter boat trips or affect angler participation in a negative manner." This number also represents an increase of approximately 14 percent above the recreational landings for 2011. Hence it appears that the work that NOAA is doing to build a Sustainable Atlantic Bluefish Fishery is working, based upon their numbers.
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