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    dont know this little girl but she likes to ice fish
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    My kid on Rufus Woods Lake. These are her"smaller" fish. At about 6 pounds each. Her big one is a bit over 8 pounds from here.
    CARRIE 7-9-2010.jpg

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    Smile Grandson...

    hey guys not too sure where to post any of the pics but this is my grandson with last years winning carp entry. it was a 17.5 lb carp.
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    Two years ago. He went about 20 minutes before handing the rod off to dad for closure, ha ha.

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    How do I go about posting some pics from my phone? Can I email them?

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    Default Dear Fishie God......

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    Quote Originally Posted by dixie4wd View Post
    Dear Fishie God,
    Please send my daddy more fishies just like this 1...Only BIGGER!!
    LOVE, Gracie

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    Default Youngest daughter first trout

    This is my youngest daughters first trout
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    Default Middle daughters first walleye

    middle daughters first walleye
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    Nice having a daughter who would rather fish than play with dolls I'm trully blessed thanks GOD

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