I thought this might be a load of bunk, especially after I tried it during the last storm here and it did nothing. However, today I tried after a friend who lives a couple counties away told me it did work when she did it. Folks, it happened. It also stunk up the house for a few hours. I've looked up a lot of videos on this and lately there've been a lot of people trying to debunk it and so far, to a one, they've failed to address all of the details. Namely, the smell this stuff puts off when burned or the way it melts if you put a bunk in a pot on the stove... I advise you to err on the side of caution with this crud. It also doesn't act like real snow. It melts at temps below freezing. I observed that directly today. Snow melted off of my car after it had been sitting still since yesterday afternoon. Even the freezing rain and sleet we got melted at temps below freezing and the air here has a weird and slight "plasticky" odor to it. Anyone else getting this where they are? I hate to see what happens in the Great Lakes and other large bodies of water as the ices thaws.