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    Default My Testimony of my Life and Gods Help

    My Testimony of my Life

    I am so thankful to my Father and Mother for starting my journey in the Catholic Church over fifty three years ago. I am now sixty years old and as I think back on my life I have many things to testify to.

    God has always been with me and protected me. You will believe for I am not a writer and I believe God is even helping me write this.

    When I was a kid and went to church and in Catechism I remember the day God entered my heart. I felt so different and saw things more differently than other kids. I was at peace with everything and happier.

    One Sunday as my brother Mike and I walked to church we goofed off. We walked into church late and sat in the back hopeing no one saw us. Two Nuns sat next to us, One near me and the other near Mike. When Mass ended my brother and I tried to leave. The Nuns said we had to stay for another Mass because we were late. After that mass we walked home and when we walked in the door our parents asked, What were you doing and why were you late? I said we were late for church and the Nuns made us stay longer. Nothing more was said.

    The next fifteen years arent much to speak of because I didnt attend church. I did what most kids did. Nothing to brag about. I was real interested in girls and believe my interest may have saved my life a couple of times. My friends would go to wild partys and a drive by shooter would fire on the house they were in. They didnt make it out.

    The reason I mention this is because of my interest in girls, I chose to be with them over going to the party. This happened twice. I am sure God gave me the will to stay away from the partys. My friends couldnt sway my decision.

    Now about ten years later the most I could say I was a Easter and Christmas Catholic. I started going to church on a more regular schedule. I drank a lot also. I remember one Sunday a friend and I went to a bar early in the morning. I heard the church bells ring . I heard them and never felt as low as I did then.

    I lived outside of town in the desert. One night I left the bar and was flying down my dirt road. I drifted towards the roadside ditch. When I hit the ditch the car rolled onto its hood and slid for about fifty feet then rolled back over. I got out of the car and walked a block home. Not a scratch on me. No one could believe that. I know now God was there for me again.

    Still a heavy drinker and spending more time in bars took its toll. My ulcer ate a hole in my stomach. I almost died this time but, I believe God had plans for me. I started slowing down on the drinking.

    The next few years didnt add up to much. Church once in a while. I worked as an Ironworker. I worked on some high rises. I was walking on the edge beam towards the ladder down. I had a harness on and Thank God I did. When I neared the ladder I couldnt tell you what happened but I do know how I landed. I had one foot on the rung of the ladder, My arm was on the beam with a small scratch on it. I looked up and Thanked God. Isnt it interesting how God placed my foot on the ladder?

    While on a job my wife Barbara and I were sleeping in our travel traler. We both wake up at 4:30 am and by the time we go to bed we are tired. The refrigerator caught fire while we were sleeping. God woke my wife up and she put the fire out.

    July 4th 2006 is a day I will never forget. I had a heart attack. The pain went away and my wife drove me to the hospital. The doctor put a stent near my heart. The procedure gave me another heart attack and worried the doctor and nurses. The procedure was a success. Now to work out the correct doses for my pills. Once again God helped me.

    Two weeks latter I was in a store with my wife. I became so weak my wife took me to the hospital again. The pills thinned out my blood too much and I bleed out two pints. Now my medications are right on and working. I quit drinking and smokeing during this time. Thank God.

    The next years to date I have been attending church on a regular basis. Daily Mass on iCatholic and Sunday Mass on The Sunday Mass. Fridays Holy Hour and Mass.

    Now I learn I have lung cancer. I ask everyone for prayers. I go through this whole process with a clam attidude. The upper lobe of my left lung is removed with one rib. The chest wall was scrapped and a sample of tissue was sent to Seattle. The tests are done and I am now cancer free. Thank God and all of you for your prayers.

    These things I have been through prove to me that God was there with me everytime. There must be a plan for me and I wish I knew what it was.

    It is my hope this testimony will touch your hearts and help those who doubt.

    May God Bless You

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    Back at ya bubs!!!!! God bless all of outdoor-fishing community!!
    Most of my lures catch more fishermen than fish !!!

    Fishing is God's way of saying he loves us!

    Wishing I was Fishing

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    I think I can safely say that all of O-F is better for your recovery and your continued contributions to the community.

    Your faith is certainly what has led to your being saved by our "Father". All of our prayers on your behalf are certainly crucial, but without your faith and belief in those prayers and the power of the one the prayers went to, all would have been in vain. This is not to say that those whose prayers that are not answered are not true believers, that is certainly not the case. However, the prayers can't be answered without faith, and that is my point.

    I am so very glad that a man of your faith has been spared and that we will continue to benefit from having you in our little family here at O-F.
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    My husband is Outdoor Fishing moderator Mustache, and as was so taken by your writing that wanted me to read your story and respond. You see we are very similar, but very different. So let me tell you my story. I always want to be a writer but never took the chance to go after my dream as life happens. As you, I almost died many times, but not due to a hard living due to medical errors and lack of medical knowledge. You see as a I child I suffered from severe asthma and during the 60's there was not much known about treatment so it was not as aggressive as it is today so my medical condition was mishandled, but here I am surviving almost 50 years later. I went to catholic school and to church everyday, but as I got older my faith in God never left but my going to church regularly did. As through all the difficulties that life has handed out I could not understand why I am still around, but then this all became clear on September 8, 2013. You see my oldest son Michael who was only 17 died of an undetected heart condition. His life came to an abrupt halt. My husband and my first thought was God why didn't you take one of us and leave my son here on earth to finish helping to make a positive difference in this world. Immediately after he passed the stories of my son helping others went on and on. I loved my son and knew he was a good child (not perfect) but my husband and I had no clue what positive effect he had on those he came in contact with. With a broken heart I wanted to curl up into a ball, but never was able to as God whispers to me through the kindness of others. I know what I need to do until I pass and that is how we are very similar. We are suppose to stay strong, spread the message of God, the message of hope, love and kindness. We need to emphasize on the many wonderful things in the world as that seems to get lost with all the negativity being spread. So don't ever give up hope, keep the faith as we are suppose to continue to work together gathering others along the way to pass this message on.. When our time is through we will have eternity to spend with our loved ones in that heavenly place. As for today your mission and my mission is not complete. Until that day keep spreading the message and tell others to enjoy the beauty that surrounds them because often this beauty goes unnoticed.

    Thank you for posting your story.


    Mrs. Stache
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    I agree fanofthereds

    When we pray we have to have faith that God will hear us. When we know that there are people praying for us we have to have faith God will help us.
    Above all we need to acknowledge God's Holy will.

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    Mrs. Stache

    I agree that we never followed our dreams because we got caught up in life.
    I Know what you mean about Asthma. My mother spent so much time in the hospital. It took her life in her 60's .
    My wife has Asthma also. Thank God Doctors know more about Asthma now. The medication has improved so much since the 60's
    I am so sorry about Michael, Please know I have him on my All Souls Day list. He is included in all November prayers in three churchs.
    I am blessed and I haven't lost a child. My brother Michael was murdered and I saw the pain my parents felt.
    With all of the sorrows life throws us it is important we never lose faith.

    May God Bless You

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    Buddy, I know your parents pain. I too am a member of a very exclusive club no one wants to be in. Parents of Murdered Children. My daughter, Zosha Lee Pickett, was kidnapped from her bed as she slept, savagely raped, and stabbed in the chest and left to die June 27, 1986 in Tucson Arizona 18 days shy of her third birthday. I've never been the same since. I'm extremely alert for danger, it takes a long time to earn my trust (I prefer my dogs over people) and carry concealed at all times. I am prepared to intervene to protect those that can't or won't protect themselves from worthless human garbage.
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    bass or bass
    I am so sorry to hear that. My blood started to boil when I read this. I had to sit back and pray for awhile before replying.
    No parent should ever lose a child. Life is too precious. We all want our children to out live us. If only we could see the future. We would know when and what to do.
    My brother lost his eight day old baby son Adam. He had a hole in his heart. My brother lost it and wandered the streets. I sure wish he would have called me.
    When My brother was killed he was held at gun point. Tied up and taken out to the woods. Enough said on That. He was my best friend and I would trade my life for his any day.
    He is mentioned in a book written by Ann Rule? She writes about mass killers etc.
    The killer tried to do the same with another man. The man was in training for special forces and turned things around and killed the killer.
    Me knowing that, I still think of Mike often. I am so glad the killer isn't out there any longer.
    I hope your daughters killer isn't either.

    My God Bless You

    Dear God, Please protect our children from all evil.

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    Buddy, Zosha was killed by a serial child murderer. Coincidently, another of his victims is buried diagonally from her grave. Four years later he was caught, tried, convicted, and sentenced to die. I watched that sack of fecal mater die in Arizona's death chamber. I too would gladly have taken Zosha's place it God had seen fit to make me the offer. We shall be reunited when I finally go Home again too.
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    I am so sorry that any parent should lose a child. There aren't any words that would really help at the time of loss.
    Our Faith in God makes it easier for us.
    I am so sorry non believers have to go through it alone, Without God.
    We will be with our loved ones one day and wonder why we hung on to this world so hard.

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