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    Default Proper way to hold a Largemouth & Smallmouth Bass

    Hi all, I ran across this nice image on the dangers of holding a bass horizontal without supporting the tail. I have seen a lot of people from time to time do this with largemouth & smallmouth bass. If you want to hold a bass horizontal make sure that you don't exceed 10 degrees drop in the tail. The preferred holding method is vertical.

    There is a good image of this at the link below.

    Good luck fishing.

    Terry Vance
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    Good info there tvance...You see it on TV all the time, the host holding the fish (the wrong way), keeping it out of water for an extended period of time while talking etc, etc...Sometimes I think people forget that fish need water to breathe...

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    Bass should always be supported under the belly when held for a photo by the lower lip.
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    This is a really great informational piece. It is important in the sport of bass fishing that we follow these rules to keep the fish healthy and alive so they can be released and hopefully caught again in the future. Thanks for sharing!

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    They give us so much pleasure and it's nice to let other people know there is a right way to handle a fish for safe release! Great Post!
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    Thanks for this tip tvance....great info !!!
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