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    Lightbulb padlock restoration

    Have padlocks outdoors that are stiff and difficult to open or especially to close from being exposed to the elements? Soak that lock for 30 minutes in a solution of 1 part vinegar to 4 parts water. Allow it to dry, then spray it inside and out with WD-40. The lock will work like new!
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    I used to be a Locksmith and would recommend replacing the lock. The inside of the lock's mechanism is pitted and damaged. Making prying open easier.
    Also on older locks you can look on utube and type in Shimming open a padlock. All older locks can be opened like that.
    The newer padlocks have a bearing as the locking mechanism making it safer.
    Of course a criminal dosent care what kind of lock you have if he wants in. But the harder to get in makes him lose interest.

    Here is the link


    These are the type of shims I have. A criminal can make them out of a soda can.
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