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    Post U.S. To Stop Printing Nautical Charts

    I guess it had to come. Myself, I'm a paper map guy and though online tools are great it is still nice to have something firm to look at, write upon, etc. on your desk. BTW - as Johnas points out don't throw out those old navigation charts - they could become valuable collectors items one day.
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    It's a mixed feeling on this issue...Hardly any one uses or relies on paper charts anymore...Perhaps the only ones that use paper charts and actually keep course and headings records are the shipping companies and such...I don't know of any recreational sport fishing/boater that uses paper...and there are independent companies that make navigation charts as well...But you always need a back up in case your electronics go down!

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    I have, and use, folding maps of all my local lakes. I have my favorite spots highlighted on them and they are terrific for a detailed overview of the lake. They feature depth, fish habitat, reefs, and much more information. They are printed on paper thin folded plastic and have held up without any damage after 8 years of hard use.
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