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    I remember one year back in my Canada Pike fishing days, when I would spend weeks there chasing the monster Pike. well one year, I couldnt get a bite for days to save my butt, throwing the husky jerks, big spinner baits, soft jerks.....crank baits, etc. So I pulled out my swing swing collection and said, what the heck, maybe atleast I'll catch some kind of fish. well wouldnt you know it, The Pike were smacking it every where I fished. I went back to the same areas I couldnt get a bite, and the Inlines were the ticket. never forget.

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    Hit the creek for a short while this evening with the Renosky inlines again. Water looked like hot chocolate from all of the recent rain...but got a few anyway. Water was up and muddy, so had to drop those lures right in their laps to get strikes.

    Lost one pretty nice bass right at the bank.
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    Good job Tank..your still slaying em!

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