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    Default O F with Char Tom Charters

    Just a short post to say thanks to Chuck and Char Tom Charters for a great day on the water
    Put 15 in the cooler with some size to them

    Thanks again Char Tom

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    Yes indeed...I have to give kudos to Char-Tom Charters. Captain Charlie did an excellent job of putting us on the big walleye. I watched lunker after lunker pass under us suspended between 16 and 24 feet on his sonar. The other boats out there were having a tough time, as the fish weren't real active. I was impressed with our take...way ta go First Mate Wendy and Captain Charlie!




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    I have to agree with Mo and 'stache...Captain Charlie put us all over the fish all day long when other boats weren't doing squat...and Wendy worked her tail off and was super in the boat. They are great folks and run a nice outfit.

    Here are a couple of pics...
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Yep...really liked the boat...NEED me one!
    Capn Charlie did a great job...them fish were picky, but we got our share.
    and Wendy's a great untangler! Me & Stache put her to the test.

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