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    Default Rigging Plastic Worms

    There is always lots of discussion here on rigging plastic worms. I am very new to plastics, so I read everything with great interest.

    I was reading a good article today by Wired2Fish that listed their top 5 "basic go to" worm rigs. I was familiar with the first 4, but the 5th was a Neko Rig. That was a new one on I thought I'd share with you all and see if anyone has used it, or if any of you have variations or other rigs that you think are best.

    By the way...they say that they will be continuing this discussion by posting underwater video of the way these lures present, and then further discussing advanced if you have interest make sure you bookmark them and check back.

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    This is a great article...great pics and explanations...two thumbs up!


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    awesome article. very good pics,makes the rigging easy.

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    That's a great article, lots of clear, detailed info there.

    I fish a Texas rig most of the time, and I use the Carolina and Wacky rig some. I've never got the hang of the drop shot rig, it always seems to be a PITA to tie up. I've never heard heard of the Neko rig, but it looks interesting. I'll have to give it a try!

    Thanks for posting that, Tank!

    There are no magic lures, and the fish don't care what you paid for your gear.

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    Thank you I have been searching the Internet for an article like this. Big help!

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    Thanks Tank good article had not heard of that rig will have to give it a try. Will be looking forward to the underwater video when it comes out.

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    One of the better "how to" articles I have seen.

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