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    Default Wisconsin's Driftless Area

    The Driftless Area or Paleozoic Plateau is a region in the American Midwest noted mainly for its deeply carved river valleys. It is primarily in southwestern Wisconsin. This region's peculiar terrain is due to its having escaped glacial period. The term "driftless" indicates a lack of glacial drift the material left behind by retreating continental glaciers.

    Karst topography is found throughout the Driftless area. Karst strains the impurities out of the water and cools it. These cool waters feed springs and cause superb trout habitat.

    These wonder rock formations grace the Driftless Area. They are indicators of the wonder karst that does such a good job staining our water and cooling and to give us the absolutely outstanding trout fishing we have in the area.

    These monolithic giants stand watch over our trout streams and make my home waters the beautiful area it is.

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    nice pic's wouldn't mind being out there

    May the holes in your net be no larger than the fish in it.

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