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    Smile Winfield City Lake

    I went to Winfield Lake on Thursday. Fished from around 8AM till about 2:30PM.
    Had a great time being on the water. It was a little windy (8-12MPH) Fortunately the coves are plentiful when the wind is out o the East or South. The lake is down about 4-5' as is evidenced by the water marks on the stick ups. There's really no cover except whee some of the coves have stick-ups left in them. Once in a while a limb over the water but nothing but rock and gravel for targetting fish.
    As to fish: I caught one Bass (LM) 16 1/2" which would make it about 2 1/2 lbs. Got him on a "shallow A" in a small cut back in a cove.
    I caught about a half dozen Drum on different crankbaits. They are pretty good fighters. You can tell right away they aren't bass by the fight. Also caught a carp on a plastic craw bait. Never had that experience before. Was a little shocked by that.

    Anyway, just thought I'd give a report on one of my recent trips.

    Best to all!!
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    Sounds like a great day on the water to me!

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