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Thread: My Playground

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    Thanks for the Clarion photos. That's home sweet home for me!
    "Channels are cool, but Flatheads rule!"
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    fall is heating up around here, or cooling down !

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    This a nice playground but the only problem is I play in the creeks steelhead fishing. Lol Lake erie.
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    No fish but a nice wednesday afternoon

    New engine runs awesome! And my lil boat cooks with it! Thanks jerauld, great dealing with you!

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    Fill the sky full of holes ---------->
    After doing some major fishing of course

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    This is some good stuff !!!!!

    but if you can get through that you might be rewarded with this:
    Slaying fish from Flounder to Giant Tuna since 1988!!!

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    fishin' lady


    This is a great thread! Really cool to see where everyone get's to play. We are very lucky in nw pa, within an hour of us there are so many cool places to fish! It is hard to say what kind of fish you are going to catch at any of these places.
    french creek
    Floating French Creek, always relaxing, it houses bass, muskie, catfish, pike, and the occasional bowfin at 2 am!

    P5140023 (Medium)
    Piglet fishing at a hidden pond close to home. Good for some fun panfishing!

    P5050133 (Medium)
    Pork, Piglet and Vi at Sugar Lake. Good for panfish, pickerel, and bass.

    P1160087 (Medium)
    Another at Sugar, this time Piglet enjoying the ice!

    max fishin
    Conneaut Lake. Piglet loves slaying the gill's there. After the last trip he said he was going to fish forever!

    IMG_0329 (Medium)
    This is at Woodcock Lake, wide variety of fish here, bass, panfish, walleye, muskie, catfish.

    Fishing at Lake Wilhem

    Copy of Family 011
    Pork and Piglet at Pymie- I think you can catch just about anything here

    Causeway at pymie

    P7040622 (Medium)
    Piglet enjoying a snack while fishing Justus Lake, good place to catch trout and panfish.

    I think that is most of our playground! I really enjoy the variety of fishing around here and it makes for some really good memories!

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    Thumbs up

    Great thread indeed!!
    not sure how I missed it up til now!

    Thanks for the post Fishn cover most of em!
    you forgot to mention Justus being a good Bass n 'Ski lake but pretty good on the rest.
    We'll keep the ones you left out under wraps for now.

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    May the holes in your net be no larger than the fish in it.

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