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    You got that right!! I tried it for about an hour around docks, spent more time picking out backlash than fishing. Next time out I'll take my okuma trio 30 spinning reel and try it with that. Thanks for the tip.

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    Yeah, I don't have the time on the water to spend learning how to skip with a bait cast reel. That's one of the rare occasions when I pull out my large spinning reel. Drop shotting is another occasion when I use my medium spinning reel. The only other time I use spinning is alternating time between my 5/6 weight fly rod and my light weight spinning rig fishing for sunfish.
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    On the subject of reel maintenance...As per Daiwa, they recommend that you wash your reels down with freshwater after every use in the salt (that's a given)...AND they also recommend that you lightly spray or give a light coating of WD-40 after the freshwater rinse. Let it sit for a couple of minutes, then wiped it off with a micro fiber cloth. Try it...It works...Your reel will be clean, and look like new!

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